5 ways to get out of depression on your own

Updated 2 years ago on April 03, 2023

Depression is a psychological disorder characterized by a prolonged stay in a depressed, depressed state. Prolonged depression has a negative effect on performance, relationships with others, and can cause the development of serious illnesses.

Signs of depression

Depression has many signs. For example, many patients note constant sleepiness and difficulty falling asleep: they want to sleep all day, but at night they cannot fall asleep for several hours. This leads to an accumulation of fatigue and aggravation of the condition. Also among the symptoms of depression:

  • depressed mood;
  • The prevalence of pessimistic thoughts;
  • suicidal thoughts;
  • apathy;
  • distracted attention;
  • difficulties in formulating their thoughts;
  • irritability;
  • distrust of the people around them;
  • reluctance to communicate;
  • indifference to entertainment and the pleasures of life;
  • feelings of guilt;
  • the feeling of helplessness (the state of a victim);
  • anxiety and fear;
  • lowered self-esteem;
  • decreased emotional sensitivity.

In the long-term presence of these symptoms, performance is reduced, weakness appears in the body, attraction to the opposite sex is lost, digestive disorders and psychosomatic illnesses may begin. Depression also often affects the appetite: it can either disappear or increase repeatedly.

When depressed, people prefer seclusion, refuse to go on trips and visits, lead a sedentary lifestyle, and may begin to abuse alcohol and psychotropic substances.

Causes of depression

Different causes or a combination of causes can lead to the development of depression. All causes are usually divided into two groups:

Exogenous are causes that come from outside. These include various psychotraumatic situations that have had an impact from outside: the death of a loved one, the breakup of a relationship, job loss, physical or emotional abuse - any stresses that throw you out of balance and are associated with strong feelings of distress.

Endogenous causes are internal. For example, some somatic diseases, hormonal failure, metabolic disorders in the brain, alcohol and other psychoactive substances can lead to depression.

5 ways to get out of depression

Depression reduces the quality of life, so you need to get out of it as quickly as possible. Here are some simple tips that work:

1. Start getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep and rest aggravates depression. It is necessary to provide yourself with at least 8 hours of sleep a night. For full recovery, go to sleep until 11 p.m. in silence and complete darkness at a temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius. It is important that the bed be comfortable and allow the body to relax as much as possible. To avoid air stagnation, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation in the bedroom, then it will be easier to wake up.

2. Begin to rest. The rhythm of modern life is more like a race, we work a lot and have little rest. This leads to exhaustion of the body. When depressed, you need more rest, combining passive and active rest. Meditations based on deep breathing and visualization of beautiful images help very well.

3. Change of scenery. Often a change of scenery is enough to get out of depression: rearrange the furniture at home, go on a trip, start going to the theater and exhibitions, explore new routes, change your lifestyle.

4. Try to change the environment. Society has a great influence on us. Socializing with depressed, unhappy people leads to a state of depression. Try to socialize with active, cheerful and happy people. To meet new interesting people, you can go to some training, join a club of interest.

5. Increase physical activity. The psychological state is directly related to physical activity. Moderate exercise improves your mood. You can start with the usual exercise and small jogging, even better go to a sports club, do dancing or yoga in a group. This will not only give you physical activity, but at the same time it will allow you to change your environment and surroundings.

What else is important to consider?

It is rather difficult to come out of severe prolonged depression on your own. Psychotherapy and medication support may be necessary. You cannot do without the help of qualified specialists.

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