Mayor Mike Duggan launches Grow Detroit's Young Talent 2022, a summer work experience for more than 8,000 Detroit youth

Updated 2 years ago on November 23, 2022

Mayor Mike Duggan launches Grow Detroit's Young Talent 2022, a summer work experience for more than 8,000 Detroit youth

  • GDYT 2022 program provides 8,068 jobs for Detroit youth, breaking the 60,000 mark since launching in 2015
  • The program is still a combination of face-to-face and distance learning

DETROIT - Mayor Mike Duggan joined City Council members, employers, funding partners, dozens of Detroit youth and other supporters today to launch this year's summer jobs program for 8,068 Detroit youth ages 14 to 24. Grow Detroit's Young Talent (GDYT) program is in its eighth year and has now passed the milestone of 60,000 summer jobs created for Detroit youth.

"After two years of having to launch the GDYT program at smaller events because of COVID-19, it's great to be able to hold a neighborhood launch announcement again this year," said Mayor Duggan. "The GDYT launch is one of my favorite events of the year because this program showcases and develops the talents of young people who will be our leaders 10, 20, 30 years from now. More than 8,000 summer jobs were offered this year, and in 2022 we will provide the 60,000th summer job through the GDYT program."

This year's opening ceremony was held at the Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Michigan (BGCSM) Diehl Campus in West Detroit. This year, BGCSM will welcome 40 young people to participate in GDYT, where they will learn coding and app development skills as part of Apple's Code for Careers program.

"The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan could not fulfill our mission to ensure that young people are career, start-up and homeownership ready without the support of urban programs like GDYT," said Sean Wilson, president and CEO of BGCSM. "Together we will provide youth with a paid stepping stone to careers in technology, fashion, urban planning and more this summer. Youth will develop skills and gain connections that will help them climb the ladder of economic mobility while developing a talent pool for the City of Detroit."

New features of the 2022 GDYT program include:
  • Free one-on-one professional advice on debt, credit and budgeting.
  • Career Pathways Plus initiative to connect youth with businesses in their preferred industries.
  • Expansion of the industry-led training area to include certification in social media marketing and digital consumer education.

"GDYT has a wide range of partnerships that help Detroit youth develop throughout their summer employment," said Misty Evans, director of program operations for GDYT. "Through these partnerships, we can continue to improve programs and innovate in ways that make GDYT exceptional. We will continue to offer Detroit youth better opportunities so they can make informed choices that shape and support their futures."

Also in attendance at today's opening ceremony were members of the Detroit City Council, which has shown continued involvement and support for GDYT since the program launched in 2015. In 2022, nearly 100 young people from GDYT will be working in 16 departments across the city of Detroit.

"Grow Detroit's Young Talent is an invaluable resource for our youth in the city of Detroit," said Detroit City Council President Mary Sheffield. "By encouraging and supporting our youth through a variety of fields of study, training and clear career paths, we empower them to become confident, independent and capable individuals. The tools gained through GDYT last a lifetime and play an important role in their development."

As in previous years, GDYT is working with key implementation partner Connect Detroit to make many of the opportunities available by coordinating activities with key community organizations and municipal departments, as well as the Junior Police Cadet Program. This work is supported by a number of financial partners, including JPMorgan Chase.

"The COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing racial and economic crises have had a disproportionate impact on young people, especially those living in Detroit in low-income communities who have to balance supporting their families and preparing for their own futures," said Jason Tinsley, Michigan market manager at J.P. Morgan Private Bank. "Early employment opportunities for young people are incredibly valuable and often provide the skills, connections and experience they need for future career success and economic mobility. By working closely with partners like Grow Detroit's Young Talent, we can help ensure that more young people get this critical learning experience and can take advantage of an inclusive economy for a brighter future."

The Growing Detroit's Young Talent 2022 program will raise more than $13 million to support more than 8,000 jobs this year from a wide range of partners, including the Detroit-Hamtramck Factory ZERO Assembly Center, General Motors' first fully dedicated electric vehicle assembly plant with battery assembly. At Factory ZERO, youth will gain experience in a wide range of manufacturing disciplines, including technologies, processes and skills specific to general assembly, painting, quality, industrial engineering and more.

"We're grateful for the opportunity to partner with the city of Detroit and help this year's GDYT participants see firsthand the depth and breadth of career opportunities available to them at the facility," said Jim Quick, executive director of General Motors Factory ZERO. "Factory ZERO is the force behind GM's all-electric future, so it's important that we do our part to make sure everyone can go on this journey with us. What better way to do that than to attract fantastic talent from our community and create an environment for young Detroiters to play a real role in creating some of the most exciting electric cars on the road."

Young people will work a total of 120 hours in the GDYT program, receiving an increased rate of pay for 2022 - up to $15 per hour, or a total stipend of up to $1,800, depending on age and experience. This increased rate of pay allows GDYT to remain competitive in today's marketplace.

"GDYT has provided Detroit youth with safe, enriching personal and professional development," said Detroit City Councilwoman Mary Waters. "Our youth are intellectually gifted and have the skill set to make meaningful contributions to any profession. What has been lacking is the opportunity to participate in the workforce and foster the work ethic necessary for success. GDYT coming in filled that gap and introduced our youth to paths they never even dreamed of."

In 2022, the GDYT career experience runs through mid-August.

About GDYT

Grow Detroit's Young Talent (GDYT) is a citywide training and employment program for young adults ages 14 to 24. The program aims to provide more than 8,000 summer employment opportunities for youth in partnership with Detroit corporations, nonprofit organizations, municipal departments, local businesses and the philanthropic community.

GDYT's strategic goals are:

  • Provide young adults with meaningful summer work experiences that open the door to future opportunities
  • Connect young adults with service providers and employers who can support their career goals
  • Introduce employers to Detroit's next generation workforce
  • Aligning Detroit's youth workforce development programs to streamline service delivery and improve outcomes

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